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Christine Ansbacher
Wine Educator & Entertainer​

Corporate Wine Speaker & Event Entertainer

"Don't spend more than $50,000 on wines for my dinner party."

 These instructions jumpstarted her interest in wine. At the time, she worked for a member of the Vanderbilt family who was a prominent philanthropist and social figure in New York society. This man didn't go shopping like a mere mortal. Oh no, he collected art, wine and books in the manner of a Renaissance prince. Christine's interest in wine grew when he asked her to build and stock a wine cellar with fine and rare wines that grew to 30,000 bottles over three years. During that time, learning about wine became a passion, and she decided to make it her profession.

Today, Christine is a wine expert with two world-class wine certifications*. All this technical expertise could mean that she now speaks "vino babble” delighting in explaining how the soil and climate influence the taste of a wine. However, that's not her style. Instead, she focuses on sharing practical tips that save regular wine drinkers time, money and aggravation.

Christine was dubbed "The Wine Diva” at a wine tasting dinner held at the Metropolitan Opera in New York because she's not just a wine educator, but a wine entertainer who instructs with a healthy dose of theatrics, quips, quotes and jokes. She agrees with Benjamin Franklin who once said, "Wine should be a laugh, not a lecture.”

Her career has many facets:

  •     Guest on TV shows across the country
  •     Author of the best-selling wine guide called "Secrets from The Wine Diva: Tips on Buying, Ordering and Enjoying Wine”
  •     Featured speaker at corporate and non-profit events all over the US for the past eight years
  •     Keynote speaker at wine festivals across the country including Hawaii, Miami, Atlanta, and Monterrey

* She is one of only 340 Certified Wine Educators (CWE) in the US, and has joined an even more select circle by earning the Diploma (DWS) from the London-based Wine & Spirit Education Trust attained by only 300 other American wine professionals