Christine Ansbacher
Wine Educator & Entertainer​

Christine's Wine Book: "Secrets from The Wine Diva"

A 208 page pocket guide to save you time, money and aggravation 

Anything and everything the average mortal needs to know about wine can be readily found in this entertaining, highly readable book

Absolutely no “vino babble” about soil, climate, and how a wine tastes like blueberries with a whiff of smoky bacon fat and tar.

Smart secrets revealed include:

  •     Three ways to make a $10.00 Cabernet taste like a $30.00 bottle
  •     How to avoid the dreaded “red wine headache”
  •     Three tricks to remove red wine stains
  •     Five ways to save an opened bottle so it’s really fresh four days later
  •     Four reasons to refuse a bottle of wine that’s just been opened for you at a restaurant 

There is also advice for those seeking great values and smart splurges on wine lists and at the wine store.

Plus a wealth of helpful How To’s ranging from hosting a wine dinner at home and choosing wines for the holiday to organizing a trip to wine country. For those interested in wine tasting events or anyone who simply enjoys fine wines and wants to learn more, this book is a must have! 

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