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Christine Ansbacher
Wine Educator & Entertainer​

​Program Options

Wine Dinner
The dinner lasts no longer than a regular three course meal because Christine speaks 10 to 15 minutes during breaks between courses. She can also circulate during dessert for a Q&A with guests.

The Wine Diva can either be a featured speaker for 30 to 60 minutes, or appear at a sidebar engaging small groups for 10 minutes each.

Break-Out Sessions
Christine can  wake  up  those  glassy-eyed  conference goers and refresh their spirits with a lively wine tasting that includes a hilarious pop wine quiz.
60 minutes

Team Building
Each team tastes three wines and selects one to launch in the marketplace.  Then names the wine, designs a label and creates a TV commercial. Each team presents their ideas to the group and competes for prizes. Humor is the key to winning.
60-75 minutes.