Christine's 10 Most Popular Topics at Wine Tasting Events

1. Instant Wine Savvy

Since you dine at French, Italian, Asian and international restaurants you will learn about affordable, distinctive foreign wines that will show off your wine savvy instead of falling back on the "usual suspects" like Cabernet, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir . You will also find out how to get more pleasure from your glass via proper serving temperature, aeration and glassware. Then learn about problems that should make you say, "take back this wine and bring me another bottle." Along the way, you'll pick up a few foolproof tips for pairing these wines with food, as well as money-saving tips about how to find good values on a wine list.

2. Sibling Rivalry: California versus French Wines Made from the Same Grapes

Discover how different the same grape can taste when the wine is from California and is very fruity, with high alcohol and strong vanilla aromas versus France with subtle fruitiness, complex flavors, lower alcohol and just a dash of vanilla. Taste Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah and compare them to their French counterparts. Taste each pair of wines on a blind basis and everyone guesses which is which. Most people will be amazed to discover that they can identify which wine is which just by SNIFFING the wines! Tasting the wines just confirms it.

3. Food & Wine Pairing – Optional Pop Wine Quiz with Prizes

Banish your "pairing-noia." Discover four simple, practical tips to be able to pair with flair and confidence. For example, when a food is cooked in a  CLEAR liquid like water, chicken broth or olive oil (and the food is therefore, steamed, boiled, fried or eaten raw) -- pick a CLEAR wine, i.e., one with little color like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. The other three tips are just as intuitive and easy to learn. You'll become a pro at pairing in just 60 minutes. For the 5-minute pop quiz, each table forms a team and competes against the others. The Wine Diva awards wine-oriented prizes to the team with the most correct answers.

4. 12 Tips for Business Entertaining

Today, knowing something about wine is a social skill making you appear more sophisticated to business colleagues and friends. It is also a powerful tool for today's executives providing leverage in business entertaining. So plug up any gaps in your wine knowledge with The Wine Diva's 12 tips that will make you feel more confident, authoritative and adventurous whether you are the host at a dinner, a guest dining out with food and wine lovers, or an attendee at social wine tasting events.

5. TEAM BUILDING Wine Game: You've just bought a winery… what?

Humor is the key to winning this competition. Guests seated at a table form a team and compete against all the others. Guests taste three wines, a white, red and a sparkling, and select which wine they want to launch in the US. Each team has 40 minutes to:

  • Conjure up a name for their new wine
  • Design and draw the wine label (with art materials Christine supplies)
  • Write a TV commercial

Then each team stands up and has two minutes to present their wine name, wine label and act out their TV commercial. After every team has presented, the audience votes and the winning team receives wine-oriented prizes from The Wine Diva.

6. Six Ways to Drink Better for Less

We are all looking for good values when it comes to spending our discretionary income. Here are six strategies to help you find delicious wines without emptying out your wallet. All it takes is a willingness to experiment with new grape varieties, emerging wine regions, second labels and satellite regions.

Other wine tasting topics include:

7. Luscious Vinos Latinos: The Best from Spain, Chile and Argentina
8. Chardonnay World Tour
9. Your Liquid 401K: Wine As An Investment
10. Age Gets Better With Wine: Red Wine Health Discoveries

Corporate wine events: Corporate professionals love to learn about wine--from basic information, such as the difference between a Cabernet and Merlot, to practical information such as how to keep an opened bottle of wine fresh for days. If you are hosting a corporate wine event, the Wine Diva's charisma and in-depth knowledge will make it a huge success!

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Christine Ansbacher
Wine Educator & Entertainer​