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Wine Dinner
The dinner lasts no longer than a regular three course meal because Christine speaks 10 to 15 minutes during breaks between courses. She can also circulate during dessert for a Q&A with guests.

The Wine Diva can either be a featured speaker for 30 to 60 minutes, or appear at a side bar engaging small groups for 10 minutes each.

Break-Out Sessions
Christine can wake up those glassy-eyed conference goers and refresh their spirits with a lively wine tasting that includes a hilarious pop wine quiz. 60 minutes

Team Building
Each team tastes three wines and selects one to launch in the marketplace. Then names the wine, designs a label and creates a TV commercial. Each team presents their ideas to the group and competes for prizes. Humor is the key to winning. 60-75 minutes

Christine Ansbacher
(917) 330-6916
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Wine Speaker for Corporate Wine Tasting Events

Christine Ansbacher is one of the nation's most sought-after wine speakers because she injects a healthy dose of theatrics and humor into her commentary via cartoons, quips, quotes and jokes. She knocks the stuffing out of the stuffy world of wine by avoiding the typical "vino babble" about soil, climate and how a wine smells like blueberries with a whiff of smoky bacon fat and tar. Instead, she shares practical tips to help regular wine drinkers save time, money and aggravation.

Christine is based in Manhattan but travels all over the US to appear at corporate events. Her clients range from small companies to icons like AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and Sony.

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Whether you are looking to learn more yourself, host an event, or locate informative and useful reference literature on wine from a true connoisseur, you can count on the Wine Diva, Christine Ansbacher. She is a sought-after speaker for corporate event entertainment, as well as a humorous author who is known nationally both for her wine expertise and public speaking.

  • Event speaker: Speaking from small to sizable audiences numbering in the range of 600 and more, The Wine Diva keeps listeners engaged by interacting with audiences as they learn tips about wine that everyone wants to know—but most people don't. Christine provides excellent team building ideas on topics that keep your audience's interest piqued.

  • Best-selling wine guide: Christine's guide "Secrets from the Wine Diva: Tips on Buying, Ordering and Enjoying Wine" has received rave reviews from wine lovers, beginners, and fellow experts who want a handy reference guide for questions. Christine Ansbacher's sophisticated knowledge and easy humor make any corporate wine event an informative and enjoyable occasion!

  • Magazine writer: The Wine Diva does magazine writing about wine—but, of course—for Chief Executive Magazine. With knowledge and tips on everything from corporate wine tasting events to the difference between a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Christine shares expertise on a broad range of topics for every reader.

  • Television guest: Christine has appeared on various network television shows where she shares useful tips for viewers and hosts alike! Her comfort on stage and in front of the camera draw audiences in and keep them laughing while they learn. Shows that need a wine speaker call Christine because she appeals to all audiences, whether fellow wine connoisseurs or complete beginners!

  • Wine festival keynote speaker: Christine has been the keynote speaker at scores of wine festivals including Miami, Atlanta, Hawaii and Monterrey. From a New York corporate wine tasting event to a wine festival in the vineyards of sunny California, the Wine Diva has hosted them all!

Whether you have your event scheduled to the hour or you are just beginning to explore convention entertainment ideas, the Wine Diva may be able to help. Browse the pages of this site, and have fun while learning about wine. If you need more information on any topic you see, contact Christine! She would love to hear from you.


Email:   Phone: (917) 330-6916
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